FLAGSHIP tee - Get Free Co
FLAGSHIP tee - Get Free Co
FLAGSHIP tee - Get Free Co


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 After hearing about my home country undergoing prejudice acts being carried out against those living in poverty I felt the need to do something to combat injustice in the Philippines. I hope you not only want to genuinely help, but can cherish this t-shirt as a collectible piece that you helped someone during their time of need. I added a special detailing of embroidery into each piece for those words to last forever. 

All sale proceeds from this shirt go to CARE Philippines, a global leader within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty. By purchasing this tee you are directly helping children, women and their families gain equal opportunity and overall their entire families. 


  • 100% Cotton 
  • Embroidered top text on a high quality USA made tee. 
  • High quality full-color flag print and logo.
  • All Work Done On Premises
  • A Special thank you

* This is a pre-order, shirts start shipping March 27th and come w/ free tracking.

FLAGSHIP tee - Get Free Co